Your Cloud Journey starts here

Inspired by the Cloud. Enabled through Technology.

Inspired by the Cloud. Enabled through Technology.

We are a "born-in-the-cloud" services company. Our mission is to accompany our clients through “The Cloud Journey” to effectively leverage Cloud’s disruptive technologies to better serve their customers and Digitally Transform their businesses.

We offer our clients 25+ years of experience and trust in the Swiss IT market serving some of the most prestigious brands. Our Cloud Architects and Technology Experts have all the credentials to become your trusted advisor in this journey.


Go to Cloud

We can help you move to the cloud by analyzing your application portfolio to identify the most suitable strategy to move your business solutions to either public, private or hybrid clouds. We can accompany you thru the migration journey, while helping to Digitally Transform your business to be future ready.


On the Cloud

We can help you build Cloud Native Solutions leveraging new and leading edge technologies like modern workplace, data intelligence, consumer engagement and much more. We can help you build digital bridges across your siloed cloud applications with a pragmatic integration approach.


Beyond the Cloud

To always be ahead of the technology curve we have made technology scouting part of our DNA. Disruptive solutions like Blockchain, Sentiment Analysis and many future ones are systematically prototyped in our “Proof-of-Value” Lab. PoVs prototypes can be leveraged to innovate your Cloud Journey.


We are obsessed with technology and weave our values of integrity, service, collaboration and leadership into everything we do. Through partnerships with market leaders, we deliver additional value to our clients with better solutions.